My goal is to work hard for you by:

  • Attracting private and public sector employers that will pay a livable wage

  • Public Safety a priority-especially getting guns off the streets

  • Support Early Childhood Education for every child and create resources for teens and families.



  • To end policies that create wasteful spending of tax payers dollars

  • To make government totally transparent and accountable


With nearly a decade of government experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done."


Most Americans do not live in a totalizing bubble. They regularly encounter people of different races, ideologies, and religions. For the most part, they view these interactions as positive, or at least neutral.

Yet according to a new study by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) and The Atlantic, a significant minority of Americans do not live this way. They seldom or never meet people of another race. They dislike interacting with people who don’t share their political beliefs. And when they imagine the life they want for their children, they prize sameness, not difference. Education and geography seemed to make a big difference in how people think about these issues, and in some cases, so did age.


  • Presidential healthcare policy
  • Access to Health Care.

  • Cost of Health Care/large number of uninsured people

  • Drug Price Regulations
  • Private equity investment in healthcare


  • Contaminated Soil. The first environmental issue affecting North America is soil pollution.

  •  Air Pollution/water pollution

  • Waste Disposal

  • Climate Change

  • Deforestation

  • Ocean Acidification


  • Not enough Parental Involvement

  • Lack of funds and budget cuts

  • Exposure to gun violence

  • Teachers’ salaries

  • Arming teachers


The lack of stable affordable housing is the foundation of many of America's social problems, including poverty, homelessness, educational disparities, and health care. ... Most poor renting families spend at least half of their income on housing costs